How small retailers can market themselves to compete with big brands?

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4 min readOct 8, 2020
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Marketing plays an important role in the development of the business of small retailers. All of the big marketing facilities for big brands are forcing small retailers to ponder how to gain their influence over large retailers. Obviously, Organizing and maintaining your marketing channel requires a huge investment, so it is not affordable by small businesses. There is no doubt that the influence of large retailers or big brands on consumers is increasing compared to small retailers. But what drives a big brand to achieve such results? It’s all about the anticipated marketing opportunities that a large retailer is taking on, and also the pre-defined advantages over small retailers.

The importance of marketing in the management of the small business:

Small retailers often do not develop a marketing strategy and plan to avoid additional costs. A business whose owners ignore its promotion with the help of marketing tools, most likely, will not develop and generate profit. If you are afraid of marketing or think that your budget is limited and you cannot afford it, then it’s time to take the services of NUKTA LOYALTY SOLUTIONS. NUKTA LOYALTY SOLUTIONS can manage relationships with customers (CRM) and it promotes sales through referral campaign creation, lucky draws, messaging, etc. A retailer can give rewards to his customer on this platform in the form of his product or the form of special discounts. NUKTA LOYALTY SOLUTIONS have different pricing rates ranging from 8$ to 88$ but a special one-month free trial is given to the new customers. It is a web-based platform no hardware is required.

Marketing strategies of Small retailers:

As we know when consumers are in “purchase mode,” they unexpectedly collect information so that’s why an excellent marketing strategy of product is necessary. The need for marketing in a small retailer’s business is primarily determined by the presence of a marketing approach in managing all systems of a small business. The implementation of the management of a small retailer’s business based on marketing contributes to more complete and high-quality satisfaction of consumers’ needs.

Online Surveys and Campaigns:

Attracting new customers through Internet surveys and campaigns is faster and cheaper. Understandably, if a consumer feels that this product can fulfill my needs by seeing an online campaign then he more likely to shop that product. In terms of impact, a small survey can be as powerful as a full-page ad.

Consumers Recommendations:

If the retailer shows that the company has listened to the opinions of customers and responded to their wishes, it will provide consumers with an opportunity to communicate with the company, which makes the brand hospitable, friendly, and responsive. All of these are very useful for building long-term brand value. Positive recommendations on behalf of buyers are a very strong marketing strategy.

Special Discounts and Offers:

The first and the most important thing for a business is a customer. To stay connected with the customers some special offers and discounts should be given to them such as (10% special discount for senior citizens), on some days of a week or a year. Gifts and special deals should be given to regular customers. Surprises should be given on special occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, etc.

Lotteries and Contests:

Sales promotion is one of the most important marketing activities. The owner has to organize special events, contests, and lotteries to promote its products. In these events discount deals, certificates and gifts can be presented to the winner. And these activities should be revised after every week.

Stay connected with consumers:

Finally, I want to say that it is very important to maintain a good relationship between the company and its buyers. From the start of the New year to mother’s Day, approximately there are about eight holidays throughout the year. By congratulating the customer, the business of the small retailer will be rewarded, expressed in the form of repeated purchases.

Digital Marketing:

Email marketing and digital marketing play a major role in driving traffic to your branded sites, traditional stores, and online stores.


Thus, to ensure the competitiveness of small businesses, only support from the state is not enough. Study the market; how customers search for goods or services, what types of products they are interested in? This way, you can make sure that your marketing strategy is right and you are not wasting your budget on ineffective ad campaigns and unproductive marketing tools.

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